Flawless RX - NMN Combo Supplement- Astrion™, Verbasnol™, and Dermaval™
Flawless RX - NMN Combo Supplement- Astrion™, Verbasnol™, and Dermaval™
Flawless RX - NMN Combo Supplement- Astrion™, Verbasnol™, and Dermaval™

Flawless RX - NMN Combo Supplement- Astrion™, Verbasnol™, and Dermaval™

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60 Capsules Per Bottle | 500mg NMN Per Serving | Astrion™, Verbasnol™, and Dermaval™

Not a fan of drink mixes and supplements that require preparation? The Mytogenix Flawless RX pill formula will be perfect for you. 

Our capsules are enriched with every precious ingredient found in our premium Flawless RX powder formula. You can now enhance your skincare routine without the preparation and mess that can come with powder supplements. 

A Formula Made of Patented Ingredients 

Maintain Skin Health from the Inside 

NMN (500 mg)

Reverse Cellular Aging & Related Conditions 

The Mytogenix Flawless RX capsule contains nicotinamide mononucleotide or NMN. This molecule keeps your cells young and functioning and assists in DNA repair. 

Your body produces NMN naturally, as this component is the precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). NAD+, or the “longevity molecule,” is used by every cell in the body and activates a group of proteins that help repair DNA, called sirtuins.

The levels of NMN in your body decline as you age, and so does your NAD+ supply. As a result, you may develop age-related health effects, such as cognitive decline and a drop in energy levels. Supplementing with NMN supports and boosts the NAD+ levels in the body and reverses the effects of aging from within the cell. 

Astrion™ (250mg) 

Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines 

Astrion™ is a patented ingredient of two highly purified herbal extracts: Astragalus membranaceus and Centella asiatica. This clinically tested ingredient:

  • Boosts the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the cell by 80%.
  • Reduces wrinkles by 15% within just four weeks. 

The recommended daily dose of this component is 250 mg taken orally.

Verbasnol™ (80mg)

Hydrate & Glow

Derived from Rehmannia glutinosa, Verbasnol™ is a true protector of your skin. This botanical antioxidant is a verbascoside, a component that prevents aging by neutralizing skin-damaging free radicals. Clinical studies show that Verbasnol™:

  • Makes your skin more resilient to external stressors 
  • Prevents premature aging 
  • May help with acne 

The recommended clinical dose of this ingredient is 80 mg per day, which is the exact dose contained in our formula. 

Dermaval™ (150 mg)

True Skin Nourishment 

Dermaval™ is a natural complex made of nine plant-based ingredients that support collagen production in the cell. Some of the key ingredients in this blend are punicalagin-rich pomegranate extract and vitamin C boosters like Acerola and Camu Camu. 

Clinical studies show that Dermaval™ effectively inhibits elastase activity or the enzyme that breaks down collagen. 

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NMN Fits into your routine

A recommended daily dosage of NMN is 500 mg or two capsules daily. You can integrate these capsules into your skincare routine and boost efficiency by staying hydrated. 

The application is easy — pop the capsules into your mouth with 8-10 oz of water. There are no measuring cups, no powder spillage, and no preparation that usually goes with taking supplements in a powder form.

Perfect for on-the-go

f you’re in a rush, you can take the capsules to the gym, workplace, or brunch. Everything you need is packed in a small protective shell that you can put in a tiny air-tight container and take it with you — something that's difficult to do with powders. 

Verified ingredients

The Flawless RX Pill formula is made out of carefully picked, clinically studied ingredients proven to support skin nourishment and health from within the cell.  

Flawless RX NMN Combo PIll FAQs

If you are over 30 and want to slow down the aging process, reverse signs of aging, and potentially increase longevity, NMN is right for you. NMN levels decline as you age, so supplementing should start early to potentially prevent a steep decline in cognition and energy.

NMN increases the levels of NAD+ in the body, an essential molecule that’s involved in key processes in the cell. NMN may help increase longevity, protect brain health, reduce heart disease risk, and aid weight loss.

There’s no right answer because everyone is different, but you should start seeing results within three to four weeks if you stay consistent with this supplement.

The recommended dosage of NMN is 500 mg per day for adults over 25. Beginners can start with 250 mg for the first two weeks and increase from there.

How Do Our NMN Supplements Work?

Simply take 2 capsules with 8-10oz of water or beverage of choice. Integrate with your daily skin care regimen and that's it!

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